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Jump5 Discography

295kbps avg.
Hello & Goodbye (2007)
1. Shoot The Moon
2. Fly
3. Never Enough
4. Hello Goodbye [feat. Libby Hodges]
5. I Surrender All
6. Still Got Me
7. Throw Your Hands Up [Slap Happy Symphonic Unmix]
8. Fly [Erickson Remix]
9. You
10. Star-Spangled Banner

Rock This Christmas (2005)
1. Rock This Christmas
2. If The Snow Doesn't Fall
3. Christmas Like This
4. Merry Merry Christmas
5. Silent Night
6. This Christmas Day
7. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
8. He Is Born
9. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
10. Amazing Grace
11. [silence] (not included)
12. Nothing Like You (Uh-Oh)

287kbps avg.
The Very Best Of Jump5 (2005)
1. Spinnin' Around
2. Throw Your Hands Up
3. Don't Run Away
4. Beauty And The Beast
5. Beautiful To Me
6. All I Can Do
7. God Bless The USA
8. Do Ya
9. We Are Family
10. Dance With Me
11. It's A Beautiful World
12. Friends
*Note: Bold = New

304kbps avg.
Dreaming In Color (2004)
1. In My Heart
2. Just A Dream
3. Dance With Me
4. Dreaming In Color
5. I've Got The Music In Me
6. It's A Beautiful World
7. Mind Your Head
8. Feels Like Falling
9. Dance With Me (Barnyard Remix)
10. In My Heart (Remix)

245kbps avg.
Mix It Up (2004)
1. Start Jumpin' [Double Dutch Remix]
2. Wonderful [Chunky Style]
3. Pressure [Berlin Mix]
4. Messing With Me
5. Do Ya [Rec Room Mix]
6. Spinnin' Around [Whirlwind Mix]
7. All I Can Do [The Historemix]
8. Throw Your Hands Up [Rec Room Mix]
9. Beat Box Sessions
10. Joyride [Great People Remix]
11. Why Do I Do [Bestes Remix]
12. We Are Family [Ghostmix]
13. Celebration
14-24. [Silence] (not included)
25. Hidden Track

294kbps avg.
Accelerate (2003)
1. Do Ya
2. We Are Family
3. Wonderful
4. Pressure
5. Why Do I Do
6. Way Of The World
7. Walking On Sunshine
8. Every Part Of Me
9. All Because Of You
10. Shining Star

300kbps avg.
All The Joy In The World (2002)
1. Joy To The World
2. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
3. Sleigh Ride
4. Wonderful Christmastime
5. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
6. A Strange Way To Save The World
7. Sleigh Ride (Remix)
8. Wonderful Christmastime (Remix)

297kbps avg.
All The Time In The World (2002)
1. All I Can Do
2. Throw Your Hands Up
3. Summer Song
4. Joyride
5. Angel In My Heart
6. Put Me In The Picture
7. Forever In My Heart
8. Diamond
9. Throw Your Hands Up (Remix)
10. Joyride (Remix)
11. All I Can Do (Remix)

Jump5 (2001)
1. Spinnin' Around
2. Virtual Reality
3. Change A Heart, Change The World
4. The Meaning Of Life
5. All I Want
6. Wish That I Could Read Your Mind
7. Tell Me Why
8. I Belong To You
9. Love Ya Too Much
10. When I Say Your Name
11. Start Jumpin'
11. Start Jumpin' (Radio Disney Remix)
12. God Bless The USA
*Note: All tracks are included. "Start Jumpin'" is from the original release, the remix and "God bless the USA" are from re-release. I do not have the original release physically. The song was downloaded several years ago.

320kbps avg.
Beauty And The Beast [COVER] (2002)
Welcome [COVER] (2004)
Aloha, E Komo Mai [COVER] (2004)
Freeze Frame [COVER] (2004)
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride [COVER] (2005)
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Mahalo Remix) [COVER] (2005)


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