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DVD SHOW - Amy Grant - Greatest Videos 1986-2004 (2004)

Amy Grant - Greatest Videos
1986-2004 (2004)

All music videos should be as extensive as this. There are several audio remixes included on this DVD and those can be accessed during playback to give you and alternate audio track for the same video. It is quite cool. It's really nice to see A&M putting this kind of effort in one of their longest signed artists. Well done!!

Here's the tracklist since none was provided at the time of this writing:


Parte 01 / Parte 02 / Parte 03 /

Parte 04 / Parte 05 / Parte 06 /

Parte 07 / Parte 08 /

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1. The Next Time I Fall - (with Peter Cetera)
2. Stay for a While
3. Lead Me On
4. Baby Baby
5. Every Heartbeat [7" Body & Soul mix]
6. That's What Love Is For
7. Good for Me
8. I Will Remember You
9. Grown-up Christmas List
10. Lucky One
11. Say You'll Be Mine
12. House of Love - (with Vince Gill)
13. Big Yellow Taxi
14. Things We Do for Love
15. Takes a Little Time
16. Simple Things

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