sábado, 21 de junho de 2008

BeBe Winans - Cherch Disc 1 e 2 2008 / Pedido

1.Pastor's Jam Intro
2.I've Got a Feeling
3.Ain't No Harm Done
4.So Glad I'm Here
5.God Is a Mighty Deliverer
6.Let's Go on & Everybody Don't Know
7.I Feel Like Going On 8.Arms of Love
9.I Love the Lord

1.Nothing But the Blood of Jesus
2.What Do You Want the Lord to Say
3.Sinner Saved by Grace
4.I Don't Know What You've Come to Do
5.He's Got Better Things For You (Grandma's Song)
6.My First Movie 7.I Never Shall Forget What He's Done For Me
8.No Sir

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